Candidate Pool for Interns & Contract Gigs in Singapore  Candidate Pool for Interns & Contract Gigs in Singapore

With unemployment at 2% for the last 4 years, Singapore is facing a talent crunch with an expanding economy. Restrictions on foreigners working in Singapore have made it more difficult for employers to fill positions. As a result, firms large and small in Singapore need to find new talent pools; especially the untapped talent in interns and the contract workforce.

I came across a new Singapore firm called that tries to do this. It’s a specialized online job platform that aggregates employers, polytechnic/university interns and part-timers (full-time moms, retirees, students, and those in-between jobs).

Organizations in Singapore really need to step up and show some innovation in tapping on the intelligent, well-educated talent we have in the polytechnics, universities and also a matured workforce who are looking for part-time or contract gigs.

As a former corporate recruiter working for one of the largest technology firms in the world, it was a struggle to find junior telesales consultants in Singapore. Suggestions were made to create an internship program to select smart university undergrads and offer them internships of up to 4 months. But this was shot down by hiring managers as they felt interns lack the right experience. What they did not think about was how smart, adaptable and fast learners’ university students can be. This is just one talent pool. Think also of the matured workforce such stay-at-home moms, young retirees (there is a growing pool of them) and those in-between jobs.

As a society, we in Singapore need to try to harness all our talent. seeks to bridge this pressing issue of the so-called lack of local talent. To be fair, some firms in Singapore especially the MNCs are already harnessing the power of hard-working interns. Think of financial institutions like Credit Suisse , UBS etc. Innovative use of part-time staff is also slowly becoming more main stream.

With the multitude of social media and job platforms out there, corporate talent acquisition, recruitment agencies and HR have the added task to seek out interns, part-time and contract workforce who may not be found on existing job boards. is a new recruiting site worth having a look.

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