3 Tips To Better Recruitment Programs

3 Tips To Better Recruitment Programs

Today we have a guest blogger. Sharon Lim is a 10-year veteran in campus recruitment in Asia. She has worked with the biggest firms such as Accenture, Oracle, HP. I've included Sharon's LinkedIn profile if you wish to connect with her. Enjoy!

No longer are students lining up to apply for a job just because you are hiring. Its a competitive market out there. Gen-Y students are very selective on which recruitment talks they will attend. Publicity within the universities have to be done right to attract the right students to attend. 

1. Targeted Branding

Corporations often fail at campus recruitment talks due to two reasons:

a. Inability to attract students

b. Poor target marketing

If your branding is weak, start slow. Build relations with the university career services or student clubs. Branding has to be consistent; don’t focus on a one-time recruitment effort only.

Companies must know what kind of graduates they are targeting. Be specific. Target the department within the faculty you want to work with. This granularity will allow the better use of resources to be dedicated to the target student-group.

2. The Right Fit

Companies cannot and should not change their corporate culture to fit students. Rather, organizations need to find those who are the right fit for their firms. Or identify those who show high-potential that can be molded to fit into the firm’s corporate culture.

3. Structured Development Program

Have a structured graduate development program which will nurture and make them grow within the organization. Include mentors/buddy-system for them to grow and absorb the corporate DNA. Invest in them now to sow later!

There is a perception that Gen-Y wants an easy life and be paid very highly; but this is just not true with the many I work with. They are looking for firms who are willing to invest in training and development. More than often , Gen Y knows that they lack certain skills. If a company is willing to invest in them, loyalty to the firm usually follows.

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