Interview with the Vampire: Behavioural Interviewing

Interview with the Vampire: Behavioural Interviewing

The recruitment landscape in Singapore (and other emerging markets in Asia) has changed significantly in the last 10 years. Rapid economic expansion has resulted in firms hiring at unprecedented levels with record low unemployment rates. Candidates, especially Gen-Y, can shop around for the best deals in the market with multiple job offers waiting for them. As they say, this is a “candidate’s market”.

Interviewers Lack Marketing Fizz

Unfortunately, the interview methods employed by numerous managers have not changed. Many do a bad job in marketing their companies during interviews with candidates. They use interview strategies that are stuck in the 20th century. Companies fail to understand that jobs need to be marketed like consumer products. What’s in it for candidates? What can your firm offer them besides money? Are your corporate values in line with their own values?

Not Understanding 21st Century Candidate Needs

I’m not advocating being soft on candidates during interviews. I believe in asking candidates hard questions in a professional manner. But when I spot a great candidate, I will spend that extra effort in selling the job and company to that person. Good talent is what makes companies great.

Gone are the days, where candidates work solely to put food on the table, as it were. Candidates are looking for satisfaction in life and work. Organizations are competing for the same talent pool. What makes your firm different from the rest? Therefore, interview methods need to change for managers too. It’s about being more customer-orientated or in recruitment parlance, “candidate-orientated”.

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