TruSingapore- The First Recruitment Unconference in Asia! - 28 November 2012

TruSingapore- The First Recruitment Unconference in Asia! - 28 November 2012

#TruSingapore Recruitment UNconference is coming to shake Singapore’s recruitment market with new ideas and heated debates.


What is the event and how it is different from all the others tells the godfather of all global #Tru events, Bill Boorman:


What’s the point of an UNconference?


How many times have you been at a conference and wanted to find out more from the speaker but had no time for more than a cursory Q & A? Maybe you have sat in a session, realised it was not what you thought but stayed to be polite? The UNconference format is for just these situations. For people who prefer discussing over listening, hate death by Powerpoint and want to be able to hear multiple views rather than just the one. I was bored of recruiting conferences for all these reasons, which is why I launched The Recruiting UNconference (#Tru) a few years ago.


An UNconference doesn't give you all the solutions, but it does give you the opportunity to find the questions you should be asking, and the connections to get the answer.


The strength of the conversations is always in the participants, getting the right people in the room to talk and share. #tru is not all about recruiters. The participants come from the people space, and that is what makes us unique. There will be recruiters, agency and corporate, candidates, graduates, HR folk, technology people, anyone with an interest in the space. We don't believe in the vendor/practitioner divide, that just creates a buyer/seller relationship. Everyone contributes to the space, so everyone has an opinion and an area of expertise to add to the conversation. You get original thinking from open conversation.


Anyone can lead a track (a one hour discussion), around any topic. This means we get plenty of new faces and new voices not yet established on the circuit. How many times do you attend conference events  and have already seen half the speakers in the past. The smartest person in the room is usually someone few people know yet, and with 30 events across the globe this year, there are plenty of global stories to share.


The rules are simple:


Ø  No Powerpoint

Ø  No presentations

Ø  No pitching

Ø  No name badges   


The dress code is casual, and we don't take ourselves too seriously. Join us and see the difference.

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