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Where Are You At With Social Media?

Where Are You At With Social Media?

Almost every business event or meeting I go to, people are buzzing about social media in business and what strategy to employ. It’s a hot potato. My take on it is everyone has an interest in it, most people KNOW they need to be in it but have very fuzzy ideas on what to do.

Social media is something to embark into wholeheartedly, it’s jump in boots and all or nothing. It is not something you go in half way.

Here are some common discussion points:

  • Where to begin? Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google +, Youtube, Pinterest, blogs? It maybe all the above or selected platforms, depending on your type of business and purpose of getting on the social media to connect with your target audience. For business-to-business companies like Reccelerate, its LinkedIn and Twitter, maybe Youtube...

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