Recruiters Lack High-Touch Skills

Recruiters Lack High-Touch Skills

In recent years, high-touch selling has been the mainstay in the sales world. Essentially, it is selling not through high-pressure tactics but rather selling by way of asking questions to uncover the needs of the client in a very in-depth manner such that the sales person is seen as a partner with a solution to the client’s problems. Cisco Systems is a firm believer in high-touch selling and many of its sales managers go through the rigors of such training before unleashing their sales force to corporate clients.

Recruiters can learn a lot from high-touch selling. All too often, recruiters (corporate and 3rd party agency) in cold-calling high potential candidates are too quick to sell the job they are working on, without first understanding the aspirations of the candidate.

“What made you take on this current role?”

“What will motivate you to move on to another position?”

“What keeps you excited in your present firm?”

The above are just some sample questions how recruiters should dig deeper when talking to candidates. I still get the occasional call from headhunters who try to entice me with the roles that they are working on. 95% of the time, they never bother to build a relationship with me and understand what I want in my professional life.

The recruiter-candidate relationship has become more transaction in nature over the years. This in large part is due to the booming Asian economies where jobs (even senior ones) have become so abundant that it is all about closing the deal and clocking in sales commissions. But recruiters should sit back and think for a minute. If you develop high-touch recruiting through questions I listed above, the rapport you have with candidates will increase. The benefits include:

  • Candidates may make more referrals to you as a result of the great experience they had with you whether you found them a job or not.
  • It increases the employer branding quotient of your organization.
  • It makes you a better recruiter!

Having cutting-edge recruitment technology and using social media platforms to attract talent is well and good, but never forget that recruitment is all about human rapport. High-touch recruiting will get you there.

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