Giving a Voice

Giving a Voice

After procrastinating for the better part of 3 years, I’ve finally gotten down to starting a website dedicated to looking at talent acquisition issues in the Asia Pacific. Having been a subscriber of various US online recruitment sites and blogs, I’ve often wanted to start something similar out here in Singapore. Don’t get me wrong. Content on these US-centric sites are fabulous. Some of the ideas that I find on these sites are so cutting-edge that I’ve used them in my training workshops and recommended new technology to clients too.

But I often wondered why nothing similar is done here in Asia. Going forward, I hope this site will spawn more people who are in a recruitment function to contribute ideas and articles on this site.

I am hoping to give a voice to those doing recruitment in Asia. Too often, we get drowned out by our HR colleagues in other areas such as C&B, Training, Organizational Development, Planning etc. Recruitment is a fundamental building block of any organization whether a corporation has an in-house recruiter or uses a 3rd party agency to find good people.

With the economic downturn in the US and Europe, many global corporations are hedging their bets on Asia. Headcount demand has outstripped supply. The result? Faster staff turnover, unsustainable upward surge in remuneration and longer working hours are the norm for most organizations, big and small, who operate anywhere in Asia, be it India, China, Singapore or Vietnam. Recruitment is a constant challenge over here. This website hopes to address some of these issues. From employer branding, candidate sourcing, managing RPOs, building an internal recruitment team, using social media, college recruiting, recruitment tracking systems and other issues that keep all you recruiters up at night!

So come! Contact me! Tell me what you want featured on this site and I will write about it or find an expert to do so!

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